2018 Photo Sets

Undress & Ultimate Tease

Watching me...I know you are there so as I undress be prepared as I wander over and stand over you showing you just how beautiful I really am.  You know exactly what I mean...don't you?  xxx



Santa's  Helper

I love the Festive Period and really enjoy a candy cane or two.  A very naughty little Santa's Helper this year...would you like to taste my candy cane? xx




Sexy Red Chair

A chance to relax on this ever so comfortable red chair.  Feeling glamorous in her sexy, silky lingerie Eve really does unwind x





Morning Paper

Waking up from a cosy warm sleep the paper has been delivered.  A chance to relax and catch up on the world news before I strip from my red lingerie and wrapping in my robe I need to just finger my ever so wet pussy before I really start the day  x


Bubble Bath

Time to take a relaxing bath.  The more bubbles the better over my breasts and pussy and my fingers just slide between my soapy lips so easily...the enjoyment and pleasure of something so simple.  Bliss x



White Lingerie & Stockings

So sexy in my lace bodysuit, white stockings and heels.  A naughty tease and pleasure just for you.



Riverside Walk

I take a walk along the riverside in the early afternoon come and join me. Enjoy the views and beauty that the riverside offers and me off course, hot, flushed and naked...


Naughty Hotel maid

Eve..your naughty personal hotel maid has come to make your bed whilst she shows you exactly what she wears under her uniform and entices you to join her on your bed....beds are best left "un-maid" xxx


Evening Stroll

Normal everyday life...nothing better than an evening stroll through the local woods with Eve.  Showing you how fabulous the evening is. Relaxing and  enjoying the late sun on her skin....Eve's boobs just need to enjoy it too!



Outdoor Shower Fun

In her Portuguese Villa the water pump has decided to fail leaving Eve no option but cool off under the outdoor shower. Soaking her dress and skin the water cascades over her body as the sunsets leaving Eve feeling refreshed.



Public nudity - never one to miss an opportunity in the local carpark after a day in the office - time to strip off?

Oh Eve...




White Elegance

There is nothing finer than Eve in her favourite white Lingerie.  Sexy and Elegant as always Eve seductively undresses just for you.




Cafe in the Sun

Stopping at a roadside Cafe enjoying a refreshing glass of wine on a very hot day.  Being cheeky and naughty showing you exactly what is underneath her dress...knickers that can easily be teased to the side in full public view.



Eve in her passionate and teasing way, loves to seduce you, making you desire and want to see her oh so much more!!!




Eve On The Rocks

The golden rocks and sand surrounding Eve make a beautiful and serene place to enjoy the sun and slide out of her summer top leaving you breathless as she bares her beautiful breasts and body for you.


Romantic Escape

In need of escape Eve is whisked away  to a private secluded cottage indulging in an evening of sheer pleasure.

With the wine trickling from her wet pussy. I am sure you would like a sip too.


Tyre Time

Waiting for her tyre change, Eve comes across the tyre yard and decides to give the boys something to distract them from their "tyre-some" hard work...




Blue is my favourite colour

and I love playing and teasing in my negligee until I can't resist but let it drop and show you exactly what is hiding...






Cloud Spotters' Guide

Relaxing on the couch reading all about clouds, wet and moist is all very intriguing.  Although Eve has something more interesting to discuss with you.  How juicy her lips are and just how wide OPEN should they be held?  Just imagine or, venture further to find out just how tantalising they actually are. x


Stockings and Heels

Eve loves her stockings and her heels, even on the bed.  Seductive and tantalising with her sexy pink lingerie hiding under that dress and a big toy to tease you with.






Just Enjoying the Sun

I love the sun and the sand and just enjoying life at the beach. Feeling gorgeous and indulging in the afternoon sun after a little champagne watching the sea..wish you could join me. xxx


Beach Fun

As the sun drops after a day at the beach with her skin feeling warmed and glowing from the sun,  Eve plays in the sand, showing you her gorgeous sunbaked body and all the places the sun did not quite catch...


Country Drive

A drive in the country is perfect to escape to for a few hours.  The heat does make Eve feel extremely naughty.  Parking in a field she fingers her moist pussy to climax.



Eve reveals a secret passion.

She loves teasing with her feet and toes.  She how she strokes the shaft and teases the tip with her delicious feet.


Sheer Elegance Tease

Eve simply teases you in her white negligee.  Feeling so sexy and beautiful with her gorgeous smile and stunning body. How can you resist wanting to break down the door...


Wandering In the Woods

Eve loves to get naked outdoors.  Teasing you seductively  as her dress starts to unwrap and fall to the ground revealing her oh so suckable and luscious lips... She is just begging to be played with.


Feather Duster

Eve is such a naughty tease and a tantalising distraction as she starts to clean during the football match.  What would you prefer to watch...Football on the TV or the sexy and ever so naughty Eve?


Sexy Afternoon

A naughty afternoon with Eve, sexy and seductive as always.   With her nipples tingling her hand slides down and the body suit slides off revealing her juicy wet lips.


Red Coat

Well, well, well, dressed for the rain.  I wonder what the naughty minx, that is Eve, is wearing under that coat....?




River Walk

A weekend away and enjoying a walk along the river Eve really does enjoy the outdoors and getting back to nature.




Sexy & Seductive

Relaxing in the lounge feeling sexy in silky lingerie and black lace Eve is seductive and tantalising as she teases her lips open for you whilst on the couch.



Game of Chess

Fancy a game of chess with Eve?  She needs a little more coaching especially on how to handle the glass pieces.  There appears to be an extra piece on the board for Eve to tease and play with.  But does she play by the rules?


Site Survey

Working hard on a new development opportunity the heat of the day and isolation of the property allows Eve time to explore her beautiful body with her fingers all the while imagining being caught in the middle of climax.



Drinks on the Balcony

Enjoying an evening on the balcony with great company and bubbles...spillages will happen, dripping down and soaking Eve's panties.




Elegance on the Balcony

Sexy and seductive in black lace Eve teases flashing her lacy crotchless panties but the naughtiness does not stop there.  With her favourite glass toy she just can't resist the temptation to slide it between her moist lips.


Eve Overheated

Hot and horny Eve finds herself stranded on the roadside waiting for assistance and needing to cool down.



Beach Stroll

At the beach and with the waves lapping around her feet, barely warm in the early spring, Eve strolls along splashing in the sea taking in the beauty and serenity.


Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast time tastes amazing especially when made with Eve.  Squeeze, lick and very wet....



Red Dress in the Park

Eve is so hot whilst enjoying the afternoon sun in the park.  So hot.... her knickers simply have to come off.    Steamy, sexy and so naughty indulging in her own pleasure.


Candy Pink Eve

Sweet and sexy in her Candy Pink lingerie.  Eve tantalises and teases with her sexy lips and peachy cheeks for you to indulge in.



Cafe & Shopping

Eve is out for the morning enjoying coffee at one of her favourite cafes, before browsing the shops.  Such a short dress can only lead to one thing.


Morning Coffee

Fancy joining me while I make coffee in the kitchen?   Enjoying an early morning coffee at my Portuguese Villa.



Hot &  Steamy

Hot & steamy - even an elegant lady like Eve needs to get ready for a night out..but first the ironing must be done with sheer elegance and style of course.


Waking up with Eve

Wouldn't you love to wake up next to this gorgeous goddess each morning.  Seductive and sexy what will the morning pleasure be tumbling in the sheets together.


Visiting an Old Villa

Out in the Portuguese sun visiting an old villa, needing to find some shade but it is still oh so hot...come and join me as I slip out of my summer dress to cool down.




Reading the Paper with Eve

Reading the paper and enjoying a mug of coffee whilst staying with a friend, knowing I am being watched I can't resist the temptation to slip my dress off revealing all on a Sunday morning.


Breakfast on the Balcony

Freshly squeezed orange juice...there is no other way to enjoy breakfast in the sun on the balcony at my Portuguese villa.  Well, other than to relax as I slip out of my camisole and shorts...oh so much more comfortable!


Afternoon Picnic

A tempting and tantalising afternoon relaxing on the picnic blanket taking in the last of the summer sun.  A glass of wine and Eve, oh so divine.



Playful Morning

Are you watching me...I am sure there is someone else in the bedroom.   





Eve loves the summer sun and enjoys a hot, too hot afternoon in the sun by the secluded river in Portugal.  Too hot for a dress, so lets just take a walk to cool off.



Home at Last

Home and relaxing...Eve seductively undresses from a day out and as always teases knowing you are watching...you are peaking aren't you?



Laundry Day

Laundry Service..Drop your clothes here!!! Well what else would I do..I love to be compliant so off my lingerie slides straight into the basket.  Love to save time on Laundry day.


Bus Stop

Stranded at the bus stop in the scorching heat it is all too much.  Finding a place to cool down in the shade and explore the deserted ruins the red dress seems to be too much to keep on for very long.


Happy Valentine's Day

Enjoying a bottle of bubbles with Eve on Valentines Day...




A day out hiking in the Algarve leads Eve to an amazing secluded spot to rest and relax.  Eve certainly "loves" the outdoors...



Secret Streets

Always in love with the beauty of Portugal and the secret and secluded streets Eve's playfulness simmers to the surface as she meanders the cobbles.