2019 Photo Sets

Sexy Santa 2019

Wishing  you a very Merry and Sexy Christmas for 2019

Christmas Kisses,

Eve xx





Puss N Boots

Long black boots all the way up to my naked pussy.  Frolicking  just like Puss N Boots!





Red Riding Hood

Panto season has just started and  I fancy indulging you all with my own tale of Red Riding Hood....




Serenity in Tuscany

My romantic weekend escape to a gorgeous Tuscan Villa.  The amazing view  out of my window  with the vine yard stretching out below me  over the Tuscan hills I feel serene and elegant as I sit and take in the view until the beauty overwhelms me and I indulge in my own pleasure x



Spotty Dress

Feeling beautiful and elegant in my spotty dress, stockings and  heels.  I slip out of my dress to leave just my sexy heels and stockings on for you.





Nurse Eve

How are you feeling?

Do you need some  attention from Nurse Eve to make you feel better.  How about a taste of her special medicine? Oh I do think it might help.


Pink Pants No Pants

Showing you how sexy I can be in my Pink Pants and trainers.  Maybe I should workout like this for you one day in my tight pink pants flexing my muscles and getting hot and sweaty or may you would prefer No Pants at all.  Now that is a thought!!!


Satin Dreams

While down in the South West I had a little fun waiting for my cream tea to be served.   As you can imagine I received  extra helpings of hot cream back in my room dressed in sexy satin waiting for my dreams to happen!!







Simply Teasing

In my very tight white jeans it is time to relax with a glass of wine but not before I simply tease you, sliding out of these trousers, showing my cute arse before I finger my sweet and very wet pussy.  Fancy joining me on the couch?

Eve xx


Working Hard

Keeping on top of my work whilst travelling.  There is always something to take care of including teasing you. Would you like to take me on the desk or even bent over the chair

Eve xx






Natural Elegance

Enjoying nature and always loving being outdoors my pussy is naked beneath my dress.  Exposing my voluptuous breasts and sexy legs to the sun my dress reveals those succulent lips.

Sexy Strip Tease

Sexy and glamorous in red lace, I do a very naughty strip tease leaving just my stockings and heels on for you to enjoy and  those gorgeous legs held high.






Rugby Fever

I love watching the WC and rugby fever has taken hold of me.  Watching the game I do get a bit over excited.  Just see HOW MUCH I enjoyed the game!!!!!







Secret Moments

Secret moments are so enjoyable with me.

Feeling very glamorous in my pale blue dress after a day celebrating with friends it is time to unwind, relax and let my dress fall to the ground.

Relaxing back on the garden chair my pussy is so wet and I am so horny I need to climax in the evening air.


Cute Baby Blue

Cute and elegantly seductive playing on the little table being sexy and not so innocent Elegant Eve







Hot RED Hot

Hot RED Hot in my stockings, heels and lingerie.

Playing and enticing you to get hard for me as I tease my knickers off and beg you to join me on my bed.

What position would you like me in?  What is your favourite?  On my knees like this or maybe bent over waiting for you.


Erotic Black Lace

Feeling cheeky, naughty and sexy in my stockings, heels and lace black bodysuit.  Breathtaking and beautiful.





Little Red Dress

Red Hot in my Little Red Dress after an evening out.  I am returning to the room and feeling very naughty.  Teasing you whilst I relax and just to cool off I let the water cascade over my swollen pussy lips, dripping and so very wet.  I'd love you to be there between my legs xx


Mirror Mirror

My new and tempting set to tease and arouse you as I play for you in the mirror of my gorgeous room.



Orange Jumper

Playful and Fun relaxing in my cosy orange jumper.

Stunning, simply stunning seeing my toned body in front of you whilst playing and teasing in my orange jumper.


Out & About

Out & about in the USA posing in my very short shorts and pretty pink t-shirt.  Hoping not to get caught as I pull my top down to reveal my breasts and very hard nipples.




Road Strip

Where do all roads lead to?   Me slipping out of my dress  as the sun is beating down on  me  and maybe just maybe I can thumb a lift  xx


The Interview

Welcome to my office for today and YES I am recruiting.  Let's perform a few simple tasks shall we to see if you are up to the level I need for this very special role!.  What job might that be, I hear you ask?

Well, I have my tool to hand so, show me how you use yours x



Wild & Erotic

A walk on the wild side with Eve.  Outdoors and naked on the rocks.  Exploring nature and her luscious body.


Leather & Leopard

A cougar in Leather & Leopard I feel so hot and horny like I never have before.

Seductive, erotic and hot.....

Eve is on FIRE!.


Lilac lace

Pure indulgence in my sexy and glamourous lilac lace baby doll.  The panties are very tiny too and my lips can't stay hidden for long.

Swollen  and moist from my desire to tease.


Hot Pink

Hot pink makes the boys wink.

Are you winking or wanking for me as I strip and tease for you.  My legs spread wide over the chair and as I stand to show you all of me.



Sheer & Sexy Pink

So seductive and sexy in my sheer pink negligee.  My fingers slide beneath my panties to tease my wetness open.  My fingers sliding deeper and deeper to enjoy a wonderful morning in so many different positions  enticing you to want to join me.  I would love you to slide into me from behind or on top of me while I spread wide open for you to enjoy.


Woodland's Ramble

Rambling in the woods today enjoying the crisp spring morning taking time to myself I wasn't aware that the local bird watching club were also out in my neck of the woods.  I do hope they enjoyed feasting there eyes upon this BEAUTIFUL BIRD of paradise.


After Dinner Delights...

..dessert is being served from my room tonight...

very sweet and very tasty


Tiny Red Tee-Shirt

Such a tiny red tee-shirt.  A quick very natural and enjoyable shoot in Spain - Loving a splash of colour and the outdoors.


Derelict Building

Finding old sites to be redeveloped always inspires me and the intrigues that lie within.  I know I am being followed as I enter this old factory.  With you behind me all the way enticed by my legs and short skirt you follow me until I indulge in pleasuring myself with what I have in my handbag.  So naughty......




Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny certainly has competition this year.  Oh my these are strange eggs!!  I wonder where I can hide these? Fancy an easter egg hunt with me xx


Hurry Back I'm Waiting

Racing back to the hotel room after shooting all day long. I am so hot and horny and, feel incredibly sexy wearing my stockings, heels and gorgeous lingerie.

Knowing this will have the desired effect on you as you enter the room.  Making you want to just come and take me with my pussy and arse ready for you.


Be My Valentine

On a bed of roses.

My favourite day of the year full of romance and surprises.Why not be my Valentine for 2019 xxxx .  Love to you all.  Kisses,

Eve xx


Sheer Black Dress

One of my favourite dresses to wear, sheer, black and so very sexy. it sets the mood just before getting ready to go out. I spread my pussy ever so wide just to tease you and make you hard.  I love knowing you are watching me and really seeing me.  Making you hard before a seductive night out!


Lottii Rose Gets Naked in My Kitchen

The stunning Lottii Rose stayed over.  A fun loving "girl next door" , she is always a breath of fresh air.  Breakfast time in my kitchen will never be the same again without her.  Lottii has amazing sumptuous breasts and a lovely arse to boot.  Slipping out of her robe and being very cheeky in deed I can't wait for you to see more later this week.


Eve Has Been Shopping

Eve has been out shopping and is just reviewing exactly what is in the bag. We all will wonder what she has bought to tantalise and tease us with.

 Lingerie?  A new lace robe? Oh my that is impressive -  a very large toy!  She just can't wait to try these out for size.



Cum Play With Me

The seductress that is Eve is begging for you to cum and play with her.  Teasing you with her amazing body and oh that is toy in her hand.  Watch it tease and slide between her moist lips.

Pure bliss x


Kitchen Chat

Chatting away in the kitchen and I see that sparkle in your eye.  You want to see more don't you? I can't help myself knowing it turns you on, me teasing you.  Semi naked sipping my coffee I have to take it all off.  Just to see your reaction of course and it is even better as I bend over just for you!.


Deliciously Elegant

Naughty, seductive, sophisticated... and up close and personal....teasing my way into 2019 just for you   xxxx



Relaxing My Way

On my bed following a very naughty cam session I am still hot and horny.  The dress slides off as I tease and play and show you all of my naked glory and sexy, hot lips.



Hot & Steamy Shower

Are you watching me in the shower...it is so hot and steamy I can't see through the panel but am sure you are there.  Lathering my body with my sponge the suds foam and bubble and the sponge slides down my body to where I enjoy it the most. Come join me..wish you could wash my back for me and all those hard to reach places x