2020 Photo Sets

Merry Xmas 2020

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.  Getting into the festive mood with my sexy naughty Xmas outfit.  Showing all the best angles and views of my body and delightful pussy as I sit beneath the Xmas tree. xx


Sexy & Sultry

For fans of stockings, heels and legs and everything in between.  I would love you to stroke your hard cock for me as I tease you in my sexy and sultry manner.  Making sure you enjoy every part of me.  From my smile, my lips, breasts, legs and of course I want you to wank even harder for me as I show you my swollen, moist pussy lips and spread this honey pot wide for you to empty those balls for me.


Naughty Fairy

It's almost panto time.  Will I be naughty or nice.  Do you think I will get the role as the fairy  I think I would make a very good fairy sucking on my sugary lollypop and making it even tastier with my pussy juice too.   Would you like one of my Pussy Pops in your stocking this Christmas?


Xmas Surprise with Lottii Rose


It's the gorgeous Lottii Rose for you all to enjoy.  An early Xmas treat for you all to enjoy as she teases her way out of her sexy little Xmas outfit for you.

Total indulgence and such a treat to have Lottii Rose with me again.

An early Xmas surprise for you all to enjoy!


Red Negligee

Sexy & seductive in a glamorous sheer red negligee and matching silky stockings.  Teasing you with my breasts to start but know you want more as I indulge you with my gorgeous legs and arse before laying back and letting you fully indulge in all my best assets.  Stretching wide to encourage you to become totally aroused for me.


Halloween Treat

Trick or treat you decide....with your sexy little witch and what a treat I had tonight!!!!

My vibe toy certainly kept me teased and treated.   Trick or Treat.....I think Treat ....


Love Potion

Are you tempted to taste my potion for love....I dare you to indulge in a taste from my lips or maybe you would prefer it from my bottle.  Erotic and enticing creating my special potion to encapture you with my sexy legs, breasts and pussy.  Dream and dream well...of me!!


Evening Delights

An evening of delights with Eve as she subtly undresses you with her eyes.  Seducing you to engage with her stunning legs and body as she shows you how she loves to explore her body, touching, caressing and spreading all for your pleasure xxx


Pink Dress Pink Spread

A true tease, with my sexy stocking legs and floaty pink dress how can I not resist the urge to let it slide off slowly...stripping and teasing you.  Making you harder and harder as I show you my juicy wet pink lips and pussy fully spread for you to wank over.


Autumn Sun

Enjoying the last of the autumn sun in my hat and yellow polka dot bikini.  A fun and cheeky set as I enjoy just being outdoors in my garden so late in the year.

A sexy tease for you to enjoy!


Jeans Tease

Sexy and fun today in the studio teasing you in my very tight ripped jeans and little crop top.  My photographer certainly enjoyed this photo session and strip tease flinging my jeans away in the process.  Fun and flirty as always. xx


Naughty Sexy Maid

How do you fancy opening your door of your hotel room for an extra special Maid Service?  Just lay back in your bed and enjoy the room as Eve gets busy wiping the surfaces for you.


Royal Blue Basque

Gorgeous and stunningly beautiful in my royal blue basque.  It is definitely time to play and tease you until you can't resist me.  My matching panties slip down revealing the dampness that I really must show you from every angle possible.  If only you could slide in behind me as I grasp the head of the bed...waiting and wanting. xx


Soaking Shower

Watch me soaking wet in the shower as my nipples harden and the water trickles over my lips...mmm !!!


Erotic Tales

Reading can only ever be this erotic when you are with EVE on a summer's afternoon. Breathtaking to watch as she pulls her knickers to side and her hand slides between her legs as she becomes more and more aroused. xxx



Floral Wrap Dress

Can't resist the heat and this dress is so easy to remove. Sitting back on the garden seat and spreading my legs for you before I get on all fours for even more pleasure. You know you want more. Well I know you do!!


Boots & Chains

The raunchy, sexy and slutty side to me makes an appearance.

A POV blowjob just makes me even hornier and I need to slide my soaking pussy onto that hard thick dildo before I lay back and take it all deep and hard.



Garden Picnic

 Relaxing in the garden with a glass of wine to keep me company.  The mood takes me to a place I really do enjoy as my fingers find their way between my legs, spreading my warm moist lips as they tingle , ready to be teased even more.xx




Pink & White Lace

Stunning and sexy in a pink lace bodysuit, lacy robe and my favourite white heels.  Just come and watch and enjoy as I pull the gusset to the side and tease you with my moist pink pussy.


Summer Dress

Beneath the canopy of the trees it feels too hot and steamy. One strap slides from arm then the other as slowly my dress falls from my breasts.  The log near the path is the perfect place to sit and reveal how hot and moist I have become and tasting ever so sweet on my lips.



Relaxing in Black

What a way to spend my afternoon  teasing and playing.  It's a great way to relax  feeling glamorous and sexy and my legs look amazing  in black stockings and heels. A slow strip from my jacket and lingerie as it heats up before laying back and relaxing on my chaise.

Some days I love just being me!




Naturally Me

This set is about the natural me.

I love to walk outdoors, I love the sun, I love just being me and of course that means I like to tease and tantalise my pussy as much as I love to tease you and as always .....I never wear much under my skirt xxxx



Summer Fields

What a day to remember !!!  Summer fields and the glorious sun warming my body.  Let me slip out of this playsuit for you and enjoy even more of the summer rays against my soft skin.



Down in the Woods

If you go Down in the Woods today I wish it was on me!!!  Would this little set be enough for you to join me on the log and satisfy both our needs?  The outdoors always makes me so wet and horny!



Risque Rouge Noir

Risque in red and black.  Don't be shy there is certainly no-where to hide.


Pearls of Desire

 Enjoying my pearl necklace and how amazing it feels against my body, my neck and even better as it slides between my lips. xx


Country Life

Country life is so much fun, escaping for a local walk to take in the fresh air is always more of a pleasure with me.  Teasing you with my naughty, sexy antics outdoors.  These boobs and boots were certainly made for walking and a whole lot more.


Green Green Woods

A chance to stroll in the local green woods at the beginning of summer.  Taking in the beauty that surrounds me....I love the outdoors so much and at this time of year.


Early Spring Stroll

A chance to escape into the outdoors and stroll in the early sping sun. I might be wearing a long coat to keep the chill from my shoulders but why not see what else I am not wearing under my skirt.


Bunny Girl

Happy Easter from your Special Bunny Girl this year


Eve xx



Choosing a new destination  to explore is always so much fun..how about I let my knickers choose a location.

It  makes me so horny  thinking about what I might just get up to on a naughty road trip.  So much so I have to show you just how wet I have got.


Des Moines DayDream

Simply daydreaming  whilst taking in the delights of Des Moines.  A moment to rest  my feet as my dress slowly lifts to reveal my gorgeous legs that really do go all the way UP!





St Patrick's Day

Having a great time being fun and cheeky for St Patrick's Day this year in my very, very, tight green thong...

...so tight and tiny it hardly covers my sexy landing strip.  Oh well I might as well take it all the way off!!!!



Indulgent Beauty

Utter indulgence of EVE in all her beauty.  Glamorous, exquisite and simply divine.







Valentine's Date

A day to celebrate Love.

That simple emotion that means so much.  Wishing you all the love in the world and that you have someone to give your love to and who will love you equally as much.

I am sharing my Valentine's love with you!!



Washing Day

Even the mundane parts of my day can be more entertaining.  Yes, I have to do the washing.  Why would I not want enjoy the vibrations from a full cycle though....mmmm an hour to enjoy myself with a little bit of self loving.


Spanish Siesta

Revisiting my trip to Madrid and how incredibly sexy I felt shooting in my gorgeous blood red lingerie and stockings.  The colour of love and passion....let me be your sexy senorita xxx





Glamorous Beauty

The glamorous beauty that is EVE, seducing the camera and you with her body and her eyes.

Waiting and wanting you as she teases her toy with her lips, her breasts and her delectable wet and ever so sweet pussy.



Caught in the Kitchen

Caught in the kitchen tidying up in the morning.  Knowing you are watching me I can't resist my naughty urge to ensure you enjoy clearing up as much as me!





Dinner Shirt

The cheeky, naughty side of me comes out! When getting dressed for dinner I decide to dress in his shirt and bow tie rather than my dress.  His reaction is all that I expected as I giggle whilst teasing him with his tie and my supple body as I reveal it all from beneath his dinner shirt!

Love my cheeky side!


Happy New Year 2020

All the best for 2020 and hoping you enjoy the not so "Elegant Eve" tonight in my very short and naughty party dress.   Not much to keep my juicy pussy lips covered in this little number.  Hot & Horny xxx




Sexy Secretary

I always love something hot in my mouth especially during early morning dictation.  Although I know you prefer my note taking from a different angle.  Bent over the desk of course.