Photos 2021


Nostalgic Negligee

Simply beautiful!

I let the negligee fall from my shoulders as I start to enjoy the memory of that passionate night and how wonderful it felt as my body was covered in kisses, the tension and pleasure increasing, my negligee falls to the floor.  Relaxing back against the table I explore more of my sensuality  remembering the intense passion of that night..The mind is a beautiful thing.....


Nude in Nature

What other way is there to be in nature apart from naked.  Join me on my walk through the woods taking in the smell and enjoyment of being outdoors after months of colder weather.  The sun breaking through the foliage warms my skin.  Teasing with my dress slipping from my shoulders and lifting as I walk to show you just how much I am enjoying myself until finally I am fully naked sitting on a fallen tree teasing my pussy open.

Coming Soon


St Patrick's Day

Getting in the spirit this week for St Patrick's day.  How do you like my shiny green and very, very tight leotard.  Did I mention Very Very Tight?  Love showing off my body in it but think I look so much better with it pulled down and to the side.  I know you love my hat too and your eyes are drawn to that aren't they!


Sexy Summer Dress

It is Spring!!! Finally a chance to wear a sexy summer dress, heels and get playful. Can't wait to be in the spring and summer sun showing off this body and enjoying every moment of wearing his sexy little dress.

It is so sexy it simply falls open and slips down to reveal my very suckable breasts and my panties definitely need to come off to improve your view.


Easter Treat 2021

Dressing up for you in a very sexy bunny girl outfit this year.  What do you think of the cute little skirt and top?  Maybe you would enjoy what's under it much, much more.  Flirting and teasing the camera for Easter I LOVE this years outfit!


Pink Balloon

Don't you just love to have fun.  I love balloons and playing with this gigantic Pink Balloon was exceptional.  Bouncing it, throwing it and it really does go ever so well with my pink topped stockings and very naughty revealing bodysuit.  I just can't seem to keep everything covered. I hope you don't mind.  Maybe my pretty pussy lips also go well with my Pink Balloon...I know my nipples certainly do!


Strip Poker

Fancy a naughty game of strip poker with EVE.  Always a good sport but how naked will she get.


White Lace Panties

Sexy and sheer for all my panty lovers. These white lace panties really make me playful and teasing you with them, through them, pulling them to the side and eventually slipping them all the way off is a fabulous way to spend my afternoon.


Sweet & Naughty

What else can we say with the Sweet Lottii Rose and naughty Eve to tease you.  Enjoy boys....we certainly did!!


Winter Warmer

Keeping warm in the wintery weather beside the fire with a lovely glass of red to keep me company.  Slowly warming until the temp persuades met to slowly remove my dress and reveal all of the warm moist parts of my body.  Delectable!!


Valentine's 2021

I lost my cupid's bow but I still have my wings.  So let me be your naughty valentine this year.  Let me make you tingle with excitement on every glance I give, every pose I strike.  I want you hard and horny knowing I am wet and wanting.

All my love....Eve xx


Welcome to 2021

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 - what a surprise for you all to find me with the gorgeous and delectable Lottii Rose - Double the glamour and double the naughtiness!!!!

Making sure this year is better than the last and kicking it off with a sexy, cheeky and fun DUO!!!


Leave Your Coat On

Dressed in jeans and a jacket with my gorgeous heels on... why not enjoy my strip tease.  The coat falls open exposing my breasts as I had decided "why should I wear a top" especially when I know you would prefer I didn't.  Teasing you as I unbutton my jeans and  you expose my body sharing all of me with you.  I know you enjoy it!!!


Naked Beauty

Sexy and sensual sitting on the couch reapplying my lipstick as my gorgeous silk robe slips open to reveal my sheer thong and succulent breasts.  Full and round with my pussy soaking and wet.  Sliding my robe from my shoulders and letting it slip to the floor with my thong showing all of my naked beauty before I lie back on the couch to touch my swollen lips and show you my wetness.