Early Spring Stroll

A chance to escape into the outdoors and stroll in the early sping sun. I might be wearing a long coat to keep the chill from my shoulders but why not see what else I am not wearing under my skirt.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Des Moines DayDream

Simply daydreaming  whilst taking in the delights of Des Moines.  A moment to rest  my feet as my dress slowly lifts to reveal my gorgeous legs that really do go all the way UP!





St Patrick's Day

Having a great time being fun and cheeky for St Patrick's Day this year in my very, very, tight green thong... tight and tiny it hardly covers my sexy landing strip.  Oh well I might as well take it all the way off!!!!



Indulgent Beauty

Utter indulgence of EVE in all her beauty.  Glamorous, exquisite and simply divine.







Valentine's Date

A day to celebrate Love.

That simple emotion that means so much.  Wishing you all the love in the world and that you have someone to give your love to and who will love you equally as much.

I am sharing my Valentine's love with you!!



Washing Day

Even the mundane parts of my day can be more entertaining.  Yes, I have to do the washing.  Why would I not want enjoy the vibrations from a full cycle though....mmmm an hour to enjoy myself with a little bit of self loving.


Spanish Siesta

Revisiting my trip to Madrid and how incredibly sexy I felt shooting in my gorgeous blood red lingerie and stockings.  The colour of love and passion....let me be your sexy senorita xxx





Glamorous Beauty

The glamorous beauty that is EVE, seducing the camera and you with her body and her eyes.

Waiting and wanting you as she teases her toy with her lips, her breasts and her delectable wet and ever so sweet pussy.



Caught in the Kitchen

Caught in the kitchen tidying up in the morning.  Knowing you are watching me I can't resist my naughty urge to ensure you enjoy clearing up as much as me!





Dinner Shirt

The cheeky, naughty side of me comes out! When getting dressed for dinner I decide to dress in his shirt and bow tie rather than my dress.  His reaction is all that I expected as I giggle whilst teasing him with his tie and my supple body as I reveal it all from beneath his dinner shirt!

Love my cheeky side!


Happy New Year 2020

All the best for 2020 and hoping you enjoy the not so "Elegant Eve" tonight in my very short and naughty party dress.   Not much to keep my juicy pussy lips covered in this little number.  Hot & Horny xxx




Sexy Secretary

I always love something hot in my mouth especially during early morning dictation.  Although I know you prefer my note taking from a different angle.  Bent over the desk of course.